Gameplay Journal Entry #10

Value-Based Game Ideas

The first game idea I had for a value-based game would be “Clean the Park”. You would be a volunteer on a mission to clean the park and keep it clean from trash and litter. As you play, random people will drop trash around the park. It is your job to clean and pick the trash as fast as possible because random animals will try to take the trash to eat it, causing them to die. If someone drops some trash in the gutter, you must run over and grab it before it goes down the drain (that leads to the ocean). Wind will blow trash around also, ending up in the lake, where duck and fish will try to each the trash. Birds will also try to take the trash. They will be sitting on nearby powerlines waiting to strike. If too many animals die from your missed trash, you lose the game.

Another game I had an idea for a game would be “Save the Whales”. The game will take place in the open ocean near Antarctica where whaling is prevalent. You control a boat and must maneuver around the ocean, trying to slow down the whaling ships from reaching the pod of whales. Each stage will place the whales and whaling ships in random positions. The whales will move towards an edge of the screen at a steady pace. The ships will be able to move a little faster than the whales, allowing them to be able to catch them. Your ship will be able to move a little faster than the whaling ships. Your job is to get as close as you can to the whaling ship, forcing them to slow down. The whaling ships will not stop though, so if you come into contact with the ship, you will sink and lose. If the whales are able to escape offscreen, you win. If the whales get caught, you lose.

My final game idea is “Protect the Northern White Rhinos”. It will be like a tower defense game. There will be poachers trying to reach the last two Northern White Rhinos who are under armed guard. You will be in control of security of the facility and try to strategically place down traps or obstacles for the poachers. The poachers only come at night and from any direction. You will have to try and protect the rhinos until sunrise. You can put down barbed wire, build walls, place spotlights, dig trenches, etc… If you can hold off the poachers until sunrise, they will run away and you will win the stage. If one of the poachers reaches the rhinos, you lose.



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